4.  Animal Husbandry

The Leader in this area will oversee the development of our two areas of animals:

  • Production Animals – because we want to be as self-sustaining as possible, we will grow most of our own meat. We will also have chickens for eggs, dairy cows & goats for milk/cheese.
  • Petting Zoo – we will have therapeutic animals such as Alpacas, Horses, Angora Rabbits, etc.
  • Partnership with a Farm Animal Veterinarian

5.  Housing

The Leader in this area will oversee the partnerships and funding for:

  • Two Dormitories (Men/Women)
  • One Couples’ Dormitory
  • Staff/Visitors House
  • Farm House
  • Director’s House
  • Dining Room/Fellowship Hall/Commercial Kitchen

Staff/Visitors House will have about 8 units with master bed/bath/sitting room unit and a small communal kitchenette. 

Farm House  a separate home for the Farm Manager and his family will be a two-three bedroom with two baths, living room and kitchen.

Director’s Home will be designed and built for the current directors, with those who follow in mind. It will be designed to accommodate a family, visiting pastors or missionaries. 

Dining Room/Fellowship Hall will be equipped with a full commercial kitchen. It will accommodate 100 each in the dining room and the fellowship hall. A movable partition will convert the fellowship hall into either an additional or expanded dining area. This facility will be built to emergency shelter standards and open to the community.

6.   Medical Unit
The Leader in this area will oversee the development of the Medical Unit for use by Residents with a 24/7 staff:
Medical Unit – for administering minor treatment and stitches  as well as administering triage for more serious conditions requiring EMS or transfer to a better equipped medical facility.

Power of 12 | Is God calling you to lead one of these areas?

The proposed Pools of Bethesda Restoration Center will be developed on approximately 160-acres in Putnam County, Florida. Key highlights of the property will include:

  • Stabilized walking trails 
  • A large recreational lake for natural habitat 
  • A sunken prayer garden with waterfall and small pool for baptisms
  • Alternative Energy sources including Solar and Wind power will help us to go as much off the grid as possible. 
  • Tractors, mowers, skid steer, small track hoe and golf carts for transportation.

1.  Land/Energy

  • The Leader in this area will oversee the development of a large acreage located in Putnam County, Florida. Needs to bring together a team of:
  1. Civil Engineer & Surveyor
  2. Geotechnical Engineer
  3. Environmental Scientist
  4. Land Planner
  • Renewable sources of energy
  • Assist in development of funding streams

2.  The Farm

The Leader in this area will oversee the development and operation of:

  • A one-acre Aquaponics Farm system
  • Fruit & nut trees & berries
  • Honey Bee Farm

The items produced on the Farm are for residential consumption, wholesale to area businesses and retail to local community for the support of the ministry.

3.  Landscaping

This facility will be a place of quiet serenity, featuring beautiful restful gardens w/meditation pools,  nature trails sprinkled with quiet areas in which to pause for personal prayer and reflection.

The Leader in this area will oversee the development of:

  • Natural Areas
  • Walking Trails
  • Meditation Gardens, including a Sunken Prayer Garden
  • Outdoor Recreation Area
  • Landscapes throughout

7.   Worship/Multimedia Ctr.

The Leader in this area will oversee the development of:

  • Worship/ Multimedia Center – will also be utilized as an Emergency Shelter, available for use by the surrounding community, residents and staff.

8.   Jobs & Career Training

Serious past criminal offenses, will prevent many Residents from finding companies that can or will hire them. Residents will be exposed to numerous and diverse areas of training and job skills that can potentially be worked into their own businesses.

The person overseeing this area will be responsible for developing job & career training resources in the local community.  Potential job training areas are many

9.   Administration

The person who leads this area will help to develop job descriptions for the following positions:

  • Office Manager  
  • Communications Director
  • Development Director (Fundraiser)
  • Time/Activity Coordinator
  • Intake Coordinator
  • Information Technology Coordinator
  • Counseling & Discipling

10.  Counseling/Discipleship
The Leader in this area will work with our Licensed Mental Health Counselor and the Director, to develop a Christ-centered Counseling & Discipling program in:

  • The L.I.F.E. curriculum
  • Various Counseling programs:  Single (one-on-one), Group, Marriage, Family and Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ, Finance and Nutrition 
  • Develop partnerships with Christian psychiatrists and medical/ dental personnel in the County

11.  Education/Life Application
The Leader in this area will oversee developing an education program, including:

  • GED
  • Opportunities for Higher Education

12.  Family Support &  
        Community Outreach  

The Leader in this area will help us to develop:

  • Partnerships with churches and other community organizations to support Resident families
  • A relationship with churches that can care for the children while their parents complete the 18-month program.
  • Incorporate a children’s program that functions alongside that of the parent’s so that at the end of 18-months a strong family unit has been formed