Lynda Walsh Hensley

Founder | Director

Pools of Bethesda Restoration Center


Some people say that they have nothing to be restored to.Their lives have been dysfunctional for so long that restoration to wholeness is beyond their ability to even relate.


But there is a place of restoration in God's memory. A place where He remembers the person He created before the world and Satan influenced His creation. God created each person in His image. We strive to help Residents work with their Creator to restore them to His image -- reflecting His love, joy, peace and wholeness in their lives and to find the plan that God had for their life before the foundation of the world. ​​

If you or someone you know has found themselves unable
to cope with the stress and inability to reintegrate into society after being released from prison or rehabilitation from
substance abuse, call us. We want to help.

How we will accomplish this vision.

             Program Phases Based on Our Theory of Change:

         Restore:  Broken lives to wholeness.
Working with husbands and wives separately for 12 weeks through the L.I.F.E. Study. LIFE –  or, Living In Freedom Every Day –  Pools of Bethesda Residents will learn to make decisions from Christ within versus from the flesh mindset connected to Satan.

During the ensuing 12 months, husbands and wives will live and work together learning to apply daily what they learn in Phase 1. They will practice these principles through job training, education, counseling, life-skill discipleship, and through interaction with their immediate families, residents of the surrounding communities and others.

The final three months of the program, will allow couples to learn how to disciple others through mentoring the next group of residents. They will begin to teach and model for others what they have learned. 


Pools of Bethesda Restoration Center will work with ex-offenders and recovering addicts to help each individual and their immediate family members experience a Biblical foundation for life. Our objective is to develop in them critical life skills through Biblical counseling, prayer, worship, education, artistic expression and job training. Licensed staff and highly qualified volunteers in each of these areas will work with residents, as well as with their spouses and children, through opportunities to interact with each other and with members of the surrounding communities.


Residents will experience the joy of: Renewing a positive image of one's self and ability. Renewing their mind that has been turned off and tuned out due to substance abuse. Renewing the ability to love, think and relate to God, to family and to others.


Often, people who have been incarcerated or caught in the web of substance abuse for long periods of time, find it difficult to be released into the "real world" again. Once their minds are clear and they are no longer confined, it is difficult to make choices. By first moving through the stages of restoration, this step becomes natural and something that residents actually look forward to.

From Lynda's Heart

Our Theory of Change:

Broken lives to wholeness,
Distorted minds to Truth in Christ,
“New Creations in Christ” to lead others to restoration.