why we exist.


Are you interested in partnering  
 with Pools of Bethesda Restoration Center?  We rely on committed individuals to help fulfill our mission to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free. Commit to pray for this vital ministry and to donate as you are led by His Spirit.


We are a volunteer-driven ministry. We each have
a unique passion that God has placed in us. Do you sense a ​calling to ​share your gifts & talents with us?  We want to connect your hands with the heart of Jesus.


 Choices bring consequences Making good choices is good for individuals, families, and communities.  Restoration begins with making good choices.

We exist to help individuals experience God’s transforming love, power and grace to help them become influencers of change in their families, churches and communities.

At POB Restoration Center, we accept men and women whose lives have become unmanageable due to substance or alcohol abuse and/or incarceration and those whom God draws to us who are sick in spirit, mind, will and emotions. These are ones who are blind to Truth; are emotionally lame and whose spirits are withered.

Christ is the Healer, and as these broken ones are brought to Him, like the lame man at the Pool of Bethesda, they will find healing. (See John 5:1-9)



Where there are recovering addicts and former felons in need, THE Pools of bethesda Restoration Center is here to help.


  Restore      Renew      Release

To give hope and wholeness to those whose lives are broken by substance abuse and incarceration!


New life may look like a tangled jungle. But with order and direction the tangles of life can be managed. Just as Jesus Christ walked alongside 12 disciples, we’ve discovered that there truly is power in 12.


Changing the focus of one’s life means making choices from a different perspective. New life is hard to picture and is often hidden from sight. A community of support helps to lead others on a path they have had to walk.